eyeSpace is a cross-platform ophthalmology utility, social media, networking service that provides users with a wide array of eye care tools to optimize their outcomes currently featuring a reference guide of every currently FDA approved and marketed intraocular lens and a refractive outcome tracker for cataract surgery that allows users to track and optimize their outcomes.

Early Glaucoma Detection

Using deep learning techniques to achieve rapid and accurate segmentation of novel images to detect and quantify early glaucoma progression without the need for large amounts of training data.

Graft Detachment Imaging after DMEK/DSEK

Non-invasively distinguish if graft detachment after DMEK/DSEK will require secondary surgery or resolve on its own.

Digital Lancaster Test

Computer-based detection of strabismus in the nine diagnostic positions of gaze.

Automated Ptosis Classification

Using machine learning to analyze variables (MRD1, MRD2, etc) to quantify the degree and classification of ptosis.